DNA-Tracker DNA-Tracker

A DNA-Tracker monitoring system is a bespoke 'mini-network', built and installed to meet precisely the needs of the client at any given location. The custom-built systems can cover the interior of a building, a building's perimeter and even open areas. For example – airport car parks.

The DNA-Tracker system constantly sweeps the target area to search out devices, for example: - mobile telephones, i-phones, laptops and i-pads. Once found, the system locks on and plots the exact location of the device, captures its identifying data, then processes that data in 'real time'.

Please note - The capturing and processing of certain information by covert means may be subject to local legislation. (In the UK, The Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 may apply; and it is the responsibility of the client to seek the appropriate RIPA authority)

In addition to capturing the ID of the devices entering the target zone, the system can very accurately plot the location of the device and track its movements within the monitored area. This tracking facility is available as an 'on-screen, real-time mapping' option and is particularly suited to the Control Room environment.

DNA-Tracker systems also identify and profile device movement and footfall patterns, creating 'triggers' for 'pattern breakers', which take the form of an on-screen alert.

For example: – 'Unusual device activity' on the long-stay car park of an airport.

Clearly, the area pattern would normally be consistent with vehicles simply being parked and collected at the location, with long periods of inactivity between the two events. Any break in that pattern would create a trigger, which would need to be investigated.

Latest News

Find us at Farnborough Police and Security Exhibiton 2018!

The team will be hosting several overseas delegations from outside Europe at the Farnborough Exhibitions, in response to this demand and continued success of DNA-Tracker to open up new export markets.