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DNA-Tracker - Harnessing technology, for a safer future.

DNA-Tracker design, build, install and maintain self-contained monitoring networks to help protect airports, all types of passenger terminals and other recognised locations of high risk. These bespoke 'Target Proximity Monitoring Systems' cater to the needs of clients entrusted with public safety, along with organisations engaged with wider security issues.

By utilising GEO-fencing, merged with other cutting-edge technologies, each custom-built DNA-Tracker system is able to find, identify and track the movements of any mobile device that enters the monitored zone. The system also displays and processes all the data that has been captured in 'real time'.

Every DNA-Tracker System is subject to round-the-clock performance monitoring. It is backed up by a comprehensive Network Support Package, delivered by the DNA-Tracker team, as part of a cost-effective leasing arrangement. Regular service visits ensure that each and every component of all our systems operate at their optimum performance level, with routine equipment upgrading

Tactical and ultra portable solutions for IMSI 2/3/4G grabber with native support on all protocoles. The best systems in the market for your security and inteligence needs.

Latest News

Find us at Farnborough Police and Security Exhibiton 2018!

The team will be hosting several overseas delegations from outside Europe at the Farnborough Exhibitions, in response to this demand and continued success of DNA-Tracker to open up new export markets.

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The DNA-Tracker team is always on hand to discuss projects with potential clients and partners. To arrange a confidential consultation, please register your interest...

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